Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Exhibit in St. Cloud

The exhibit in St. Cloud was a success. The quilts from both Voyage and Stitched were next to each other in the special exhibit area and attracted a lot of attention. Some of the comments which were written down were:
- Favorite exhibit of show!
- Gorgeous! Favorite? Can't pick just one
- Wonderful and inspiring
- Awesome!
- Simply beautiful, over the top
- Lovely! Such creative people!
It was not possible to take a picture which shows all the quilt, but here are the pictures per artist.

Catherine Ravera:

Gloria Dighton:

 Kelly Hendrickson:

Irene MacWilliam:

Niza Hoffman:

Sally Ann Westcott:

Bella Kaplan:

Regine Peroni:

Wil Opio Oguta:

Heidi Drahota:

Jane Oughton:

Gillian Travis:

Chantal Guillermet:

Peta Bos:

We are invited for the annual show in Duluth next year, where we will be showing new work.