Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 images - Irene MacWilliam

As I am a new member of the group here is a little info about me. I live in Northern Ireland.
I have been working with textiles for almost 30 years. Current interests are working with black of white striped fabric to produce optical illusions or producing my own fabric for use in my work. I am a member of both the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild and the Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild.
The  pieces above are the first 2 of the 4 for Maastricht. I sun printed the applied fabrics - that has been tricky as since I decided to do these pieces we have had virtually no sun; so sometimes fabric had to be rescued from the rain or the printing hardly worked at all. I used a thermofax screen for the birds on the LH piece. For the frogs I made my own screen then put the frog image on it using Speedball drawing ink and Speedball filler- the first time I had tried them. Now that I know how to do it I hope to be able to make better images as I try and perfect the technique.
They are called Environment Dwellers 1- bird and Environment Dwellers 2 - frog. Although only 4 are required I plan to make an additional 2..... if the sun ever shines!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Here are my quilts for Series 1, my theme being LINE and Series 2 my theme being DESTINATIONS

The above are images of the selected quilts for Series 1 - LINE

Although I have three extra ones:

My theme for Series 2 is DESTINATIONS

Lyon, St.Ives, New York and Copenhagen