Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All 4 finished

I thought I had posted pictures of my 4 quilts as they were finished in May, but I only seem to have 2 on the blog, so here are the final 2

I made a study of a piece of textiles that I bought in the market in India. I used a piece of recycled black linen for the background, appiqued small pieces of fabric and machine stitched using a thick thread

Another piece inspired by a textile piece bought in the market.

I made a piece of blue fabric look old by bleaching and printing, then added hand stitching.

Friday, July 25, 2014

 Quilt n°2 Barn door.
         I’ve worked on a hand dyed fabric that I tore then shaded  with  Derwent ink pencils and quilted  with free  quilting machine. The foliage is applicated and  then colored with Derwent ink pencils.

                                 Quilt n°1 Old rusty tole.

 I have dyed my own fabric with rust and I have painted the back with acrylic.
The leaves are printed with the leaves painted with acrylic. I used machine quilting with polyester treads.