Sunday, September 6, 2015

quilts 3 and 4 for Maastricht

Same techniques as the first pair. The series is called -
Environment Dwellers 1- Bird  see previous posting
Environment Dwellers 2 - Frog  see previous posting
Environment Dwellers 3 - Spider
Environment Dwellers 4 - Bees
I am very excited as I used the Speedball  Drawing fluid and the Speedball Filler to make my own screen of the frog and the bees. In fact the screen has two sizes of bee. I need to refine how I apply the filler as with these little home made screens applying the filler was difficult.The mesh is not nearly as taut as a wood framed screen and there is no frame to keep them raised when applying the filler. Hopefully I will refine the process. I am planning to make 2 more so that if hung together they might be large enough to show in some of the quilt shows. The applied fabrics are sun printing. The quilting in all four pieces relates vaguely to the movements followed by the various creatures, eg the bee quilting is lots and lots of intersecting straight lines for their flight paths.
I am just hoping the post works and they get to Wil in time.