Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hello all together

I'm Heidi Drahota,  one of the new members of this group. Thank you for being part of it.
I'm from Nürnberg Germany - I think you can listen it because of my German accent.

My work is textile contemporary art. I almost like all textile techniques and do it since my childhood. After a lot of time making ceramique and painting watercolours I came back to my textile roots in 2002.  I started creating handbags. That's why my website is called 'Taschenkind' literally translated 'Child of bags'.
Since 2008 my work is totally changed. I started creating wet-felted large-sized wallhangings and installations. I exhibited all over the world. You can see more on my homepage but it is only in German - sorry.
Primarily I'm specializing in felting - I'm a wetfelter! - but nowadays I'm also be a quilter and I often mix the different techniques. 2 years ago I met with the ecoprinting and since that time my learning in dyeing is ongoing. 
Mostly my themes are affected by nature and human rights.

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  1. Welcome to the group Heidi. I am a relatively new comer to the group too. I look forward to seeing images of your stunning work.