Friday, January 17, 2014

People # 1

My theme for this year is PEOPLE, so why not take a well-known person?
I hope you recognize him? I don't have to tell you the story of his live because you all know that, I suppose.

I took Tjeka cotton for the background just because it had the right color, but it is a bit thin and I hoped it wouldn't shine through, because I used a dark backing.

This fabric is from a dress I bought myself in South Africa, years and years ago. How relevant is that?
I used this once before as you can see on my blog . Click on Galerie 2013.
"Africa" quilt.

The black commercial fabric is cut out and fused on the brown/orange fabric which I printed myself to get the exact color I wanted.  Together stitched on the background.
All freemotion quilted.

The stripes above and below are cut outs of the backing fabric.

I copied his signature. The only time it's allowed, I think.

I have to appologize because my english is bad. I hope you'll understand me.


  1. I like the quilting you did on this piece.

  2. I'll found you!! And follow now this blog.